100 Holes of Hope
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    Good point , on a very interesting subject.
    Imo it would depend on the level of golfer , ie if youve been playing this sport for a while and are somewhat decent at it , it wouldnt matter what type of iron you play with, as long as the grooves arent worn away and you have good grips , and the results are working for you .
    New golfers , improving golfers , may want to upgrade to the newer technology to help them improve their game , but other than that , stick to what you like and what feels good and works for you
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    Ping Eye 2's -Yea!!! They are almost new so the grooves are in great shape - many '2's are worn as they have been used so much. They are still worth money in that shape as some people just want them. If the shafts are too stiff or soft or long or short you can have them changed out to fit you. The guys who played with you obviously don't know what you showed up with! Groove your swing with those and you might even find yourself playing nice soft thin blades in 5 years! Wouldn't that be cool!

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