Question concerning any notable difference between med-firm graphite and true irons. I've owned both and, not being overly big (5'7" 155), I find that I cannot control graphite as well with the long irons, however I hit approx. 10-15% further. (210 graphite w/3 I, 185 iron 3 I). Conversely, I find that I have much more control with my 7 iron (gr) in . I was also told by those in the know that I have a VERY quick swing.

Now to the point... I'm looking (toying) w/ the idea of custom clubs (remember 5'7") so does anybody have any favorites or preferences one way or the other??

Thanks in advance

PS After I snapped the head off my 5 I (gr) on Wed I borrowed my buddy's for a hole and it felt like I was swinging an anvil.