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    President's Cup Parking/Shuttle

    I'm going to the President's Cup on Sunday and I live in D.D.O. just a few blocks from the parking/shuttle service to the President's cup. The President's cup web-site says that parking is $15 and the shuttle is free. Does that mean that if I walk over to the shuttle I can take it for free; or does it mean that if you pay your $15 parking, you get the shuttle included.

    One reason I ask is because there is a lot of street parking near the $15 parking lot, yet people are still parking in the paid lots - This makes me think that the shuttle is not really free, as stated on the President's Cup website, but rather that it is just included in the parking fee.

    Can someone please clarify.

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    if you walk it is dont show anything to get on

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    There is security at the bus stop who ask to punch your golf ticket. Then you can board the bus, thats it !!
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