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    Cool Score Golf Magazine

    Having finished the last issue of this mag ,I am having some difficulty believing that Ottawa is the last place finisher in top golf spots in Canada.I realize that the mag is very TO centric but give me a break.This area perhaps does not have an abundance of top courses but for the average Joe (90 % of us ) the quality and quantity has to make us the envy of any North American city.

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    I have to wonder what their "criteria" for evaluating this was? Would I think Ottawa belongs at the top...probably not, but certainly not at the bottom of the list.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Hmmm............. lets look at the ranking criteria..........

    "Our ranking is far from scientific. However, we put together some qualities that every golfer looks for: number of courses per capita, how many of those were accessible to daily fee players, great courses (i.e. those ranked in our top 100), and we even threw in bonus points if the city had produced a player who had played on either the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide or Champions Tour in the last 20 years. Only cities with regional populations of 150,000 or more were considered." (Scoregolf)

    (i) Number of courses per capita. How did Ottawa finish 20th in this category....?? Correct me if I am wrong but for quite a few years Ottawa Region has had the most golf courses per capita in North America outside of Myrtle Beach. At least the Eastern Ontario/Gatineau Region did in 2002 according to this Ottawa Business Journal article quoting Flagstick Magazine findings.
    We may have dropped in recent years, but not to 20th in Canada......

    (ii)Top 100 Courses - Our only contribution is Eagle Creek, so 13th ranking would be appropriate.

    (iii) Percentage available to the Public - How did we get 20th......???
    The only clubs in Ottawa (Ontario side of the river) that are exclusively Private are:
    Hunt Club; RideauView; Carleton; Camelot; Clublink courses(Greyhawk, Kanata, Eagle Creek);
    I may have missed a couple.....but can not understand that Ottawa would finish last in this category......?

    (iv) Overall Value$ - They gave Ottawa 12th, which sounds fair being around the middle of the list......

    (V) Produce a Player in last 20 years on one of following Pro tours (PGA, LPGA, Nationwide or Champions) - Guess they must only look at place of birth......., but even ScoreGolf in 2006 article called Nationwide tour player Brad Fritsch a Manotick native. Guess Manotick is not considered part of Ottawa.........
    However, I am sure Scoregolf will back their decision up by saying Brad was born in Edmonton
    However, they did use the word produce......and Brad is a Pro from Manotick.....

    So after breaking down how Ottawa finished in each category, I strongly feel dead last is not deserved by any means...............
    "So many moving parts. Your whole body's moving, and this ball is not moving. It's standing still, laughing at you." [B] Tiger Woods[/B]

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    They should pin that in the home dressing room a SBP. Alfie is going to be furious and score a hattrick vs TO on the 4th October. BANG...this one is for Royal Ottawa.....

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