So, I have been to the driving range quite a few times now... but I think I have went as far as i can on my own. I am gonna book an appointment at golf town and a local pro, to see if I can get better/straigter

In the meantime:

Any idea why I am always launching the ball to the right (driver and rescue club). Obviously it would be easier if you seen my swing/grip etc, that is something I may post later... but in general, what would cause a hard to the right movement?

As for the grip, I do the left hand/thumb straight down the grip, then the right hand over the left thumb, and the right thumb straight down also....

I am keeping my swing pretty basic, trying to get things flying straight, I keep my eye on the ball, rotate my shoulders back and focusing on not popping up/looking up.

Also, I am gonna build a taylor made set: Any idea what a new set of Taylor Made R7 TP irons 3-PW steel stiff are worth (off ebay/here)....

Sorry for all this, I just was hoping to have something to work on before I see a pro/golftown