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    Good golf training aids

    Hey guys. I was just wondering what training aids you guys have used that you would recommend. I am looking to improve my timing and proper swing plane for me driver and irons. I am not sure which ones work well so any help would be appreciated.

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    More than 1 at a time

    I used the "inside approach", (a tripod with a tube that is the way of outside to inside path when hitting balls) and used it when hitting balls with the medicus 5 iron. This did 2 things that were important for my swing: 1) developed a good tempo for the swing, takeaway and follow through; 2) the inside approach helped to groove the inside swing path to correct my natural out to in swing.

    These are the ones I used to help correct the problems I associated with my swing and they worked great. I also used a weighted club with a preset molded grip that I used to continue with the tempo etc...
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