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    Posture adjustment

    I'm a golf beginner (less than 2 years) . My problem is on the range, wearing a normal running shoe, I can hit the wood clubs off the tee fairly consistent. However with the soft spike golf shoe on the course, I tend to top the ball a lot especially if the ball is on the grass.

    I have tried to stand taller or adjust the tee height. Sometimes I would made a few good hits but mostly the results are mis....very inconsistent at best.

    I'm not very comfortable at all with the golf shoe at all and I hate that leaning forward feeling created by the higher heel

    How do I adjust for the extra height with the golf shoe - flex the knees, tee higher, bend at the waist ? How do I know if I've set the club at the correct distance from the body ?

    Perhaps I should just wear the golf shoe at the range like I have seen others do.


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    Curious George
    Hmm, just my opinion, but I don't buy that it's your golf shoes, I think it's your brain. I think you do something differently on the course, and you've convinced yourself its your shoes.

    I would do all of these things before changing my swing:

    Go play in your running shoes (I do, on occasion), and see how you do...

    Or practice at the range in your golf shoes.

    If you can't hit in both occasion, get better shoes.

    I've played with and introduced a lot of beginner golfers to golf, and their "on the course" swing is always different than their practice and golf-range swings...but they don't think it is.

    Other than that, topping could be caused by a lot of different things (staying on your back foot/leg, changing your posture during your swing, ball position (a common flaw))...

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    If you are convinced it is the shoes, but want to wear golf shoes, Foot Joy, Nike and probably others make a 'Running Shoe' Golf Shoe. I switched to the Foot Joy's last year, and I haven't looked back. With my old 'traditional' golf shoes, I couldn't wait to get them off after a round. With the Foot Joys, sometimes I forget I am wearing them.

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    Isn't there a saying as old as the earth that goes like this:
    let the loft do the work

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