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    Lob Wedge sammy_dawson is on a distinguished road
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    Question half swing vs full swing


    Im currently 16 and just recently started golfing this year and had a lesson.On a par 3, 130 yard water hole on my course i use a 7 iron and only half a swing. I consistintly come within 10 or less yards to the hole My question is should i change clubs to allow for a full swing or keep using my half swing. I was wondering because i do not want have any bad habits so i can further improve in the future.

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    Curious George
    Change clubs...IF you like your swing. I notice a LOT of professionals have retailored their swing and only come back to the 3/4 mark. Full takeaways are becoming things of the past. I assume they do it for more accuracy/control, and because the extra distance isn't much at the top.

    That said, do what's comfortable, or see a pro. Being 16, its a great time for professional lessons to avoid all those bad habits.

    Just one opinion.

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    3 Wood golfdoc is on a distinguished road
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    Use what works...

    There is nothing wrong with hitting controlled shots. Being able to hit a 1/2 swing or 3/4 swing with a good ball flight is not a skill too waste.

    I would say that from 6 iron up to your wedges, you should never be taking more than 3/4 swings. There is no need and most amateurs lose their balance, posture etc when swinging 100%.

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    Driver natgolfer is on a distinguished road
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    What is a Full Swing?

    Most golfers look at the length at which a golfer has swung his arms to determine how full a swing is, however, consider for a second that a full swing occurs when the lead shoulder is opposite or just past the ball address position, regardless of how far back the arms go.

    If my shoulder is opposite the ball, but my lead arm is only slightly past parallel, my swing is full, or if your shoulder is opposite the ball and your lead arm is "vertical," then you swing is full for you. Any motion past this point is excess motion and will not translate into a better shot.

    The problem with "1/2" or "3/4" swings is that the golfer fails to turn the lead shoulder and regardless of how far back the arms go, the timing of the swing has to be off.

    A golfer, IMO, should work on making "full" swings that go, for example, 20, 40, 60, and 80 percent of maximum distance, rather than shortening the shoulder or arm swing.

    Can you take your wedge, take a full swing and hit the ball only 15 yards? Try it!

    Forget about where your arms are. Just get the lead shoulder to the ball and have some sort of connection of the lead upper arm to the chest

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    Curious George
    I don't think that's true. By 1/2 swing, he might mean he's taking the swing to the halfway point (ie arm parallel, club point up, most rotation done), like a 50% pitch shot. Which would mean his timing is NOT off. He's just doing a 50% shot.

    The truth is there are conventional ways, and there are other ways. The conventional way is good because there are lots of professionals who can help, but they can't help a self taught swing (look at Lee Trevino sometime: he's self taught, and compensates a lot on his swing, but he had a great career). That said, there aren't many Lee Trevinos professionally playing TODAY. There are lots of Lee Trevinos who play for fun.

    At an early stage, so long as your 1/2 swing is correct, there's nothing wrong with using it. If you're getting the results you WANT and you're consistent. I'm an advocate of a 3/4 swing, because you'll only lose about 5 yards off the swing, with MUCH more consistency.

    More importantly: get some professional guidance. Its the best thing to do at your age.

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    Ty Webb
    I agree with Curious George. I have been experimenting at the range after my meltdown (120+ round). I accidently took only a 3/4 backswing and the ball went straight, high and far (for me). I then took a full swing and the meltdown occurred again. Back to the 3/4 and all was well.

    This works for me and it is more fun playing if your balls are straight (pun intended). The morale, play within yourself and do what works for you.


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