I had a $50 Golf Town Gift Card given to me last weekend.
So I went to the London store last night and purchased a pair of Adidas Climacool Oasis Lite golf shoes.
Now if you have never seen these shoes you won't know that they do not look like normal golf shoes! They have a mesh toe area, and the sides have openings in them. See the photo.
These shoes are light, and comfortable to wear right out of the box. They have a solid sole, with the one drawback being the spikes can not be replaced. (Then again neither can the spikes in my Etonic G Soks) I doubt the soles wear out before the uppers do. Since I have multiple pairs of golf shoes I will not wear these for every round. They will be rotated in and out of the lineup
I wore them today and man are they nice to wear! Soft leather upper, my feet were nice and cool. I had one small blister form on my right heel. But I have that problem with every new shoe I wear until I wear a small hole in the inside liner of the shoe (Heel bone sticks out too much)
I got some great comments on them from the girl in the clubhouse this morning. When I showed her the shoes she said "Oh baby look at those sweet potatoes" And I got some "OTHER COMMENTS" from one of my playing partners! But I brush those off. I like them and that is the bottom line. Hey I might be 51 years old but there is nothing wrong with wearing something that is a little bit off the wall! Afterall I was the first guy to wear a PINK shirt in my group of golfers. I wear those "PLAID SHORTS"
So if you are looking for a light weight golf shoe to wear in hot dry weather you might want to give the Oasis some thought.