Rule 33-1 states that "The committee has no power to waive rule of golf." There are clubs around who have established local rules that seem to contravene the above. Outaouais has lateral water hazard stakes (red) lining some of the holes on their east nine, but there is NO hazard, by definition. Arnprior allows relief from a cart path (obstruction) that is over a water hazard (yellow stakes). Some clubs have drainage ditches, that are hazards, but are not marked as such. Is doing this acceptable? To those who play a lot of other courses, are there other examples where the local rules clearly violate the Rules of Golf.

If I am playing in a tournament, say an OVGA one, where there is an obvious local rule that is not permitted by the rules, and if I was to challenge the rule, by playing two balls and getting a ruling later, would their be any chance that the OVGA rules person on site would uphold my challenge? To those who frequent other forums, has this issue ever been raised?