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    Thumbs up Thanks for all your help Gary Hill

    I am sorry to announce that Gary Hill will no longer be our official RCGA rules "go to" guy. Gary has been a great help over the last several years to all of us here, but infortunately he does not have the time to spend on the forum in an official capacity any more.

    I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the time and effort Gary put into the forum. He will surely be missed.

    Thanks again Gary. We hope to see you drop by occasionaly.
    Life dinnae come wit gimmies so yuv got nae chance o' gitt'n any from me.

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    Moderator Big Johnny69 is on a distinguished road Big Johnny69's Avatar
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    Forever stuck between single digit and trunk slammer!
    That's too bad. Sorry to hear that. But thanks for all the help Gary, your insight into the rules has been a great help.
    "A life lived in fear of the new and the untried is not a life lived to its fullest." M.Pare 10/09/08

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    Hall of Fame Ginker is on a distinguished road Ginker's Avatar
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    It was great having Gary here. Good luck in your future endevors Gary.
    Proud Member BigJohnnys Ryder Cup Team '08
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    Thanks Gary for all your help

    I will miss those one liners you are so well known for.
    I've spent most of my life golfing .... the rest I've just wasted"

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    England Golf Referee AAA is on a distinguished road
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    I will be sorry not to see him around. Good luck Gary.

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    Singles Match Play Champ 2009 Team Match Play Champ 2013, 2014 leftylucas is on a distinguished road leftylucas's Avatar
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    OMG, who will step up and make us feel the wrath of the rules now that gary is gone???
    Lefty Lucas
    I am abidextrous, I once golfed right-handed and now I shoot left-handed just as badly!

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    Golf Canada Rules Official L4 LobWedge is on a distinguished road LobWedge's Avatar
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    On the 1st tee

    Gonna miss you around here big guy. Thanks for all the great debates! Hope to see you out on the links.
    When applying the Rules, you follow them line by line. You don't read between them.

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