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Thread: Just Got Back

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    Just Got Back

    WOW I see that everyone has been busy---must be an " April Fools " joke when I started to read "arrange a game" for the week past. I am going to freeze you know what---I have been used to 80 degrees plus for the past 5 weeks and had a great time--Diane says "if one more alligator eats my ball-thats it! " We played 9 games and 4 real good courses on Hiltonhead--one that was 65% water and 35% land! All the greens were so fast we thought we were at the Daytona 500. I was having a problem with my drives on GOLDEN BEAR--a Great Blue Heron followed me for 4 holes---it seemed my cashews were falling out of my bag--those birds are not stupid.

    We went over to check out the Harbour Town Course and they were getting ready for the Verizon Classic--puting all the stand up etc--Wow is that some production--you would almost think the Rolling Stones were in town---52 BIG RIGS and over 150 Cadillac SUVs to shuttle all the players around. Diane and I went to stand on the Tower Green---its no larger than 2000 square feet--I paced it out and it measures roughly 40 x 50 feet. If they hit this from 175 yards out "these guys are good'!

    Managed to shop--got a good used Odyssey 2ball for 60.00---a new 3 wheel Bag Boy for 100.00 for the Mrs birthday and too many shirts. Looked real hard for Plus 4s but most of the shops said the guys order them from overseas.

    It sure was great to pay with the rich and famous--everytime you found a ball you could just about figure it being a Nike Pro Tour or a Calloway Tour or Titiliest---too bad I cant hit them

    Anyway great to be home--the only thing I am going to miss are the "no-see-ums" I will show the scars---and I thought black flies were bad!

    Big Mac and Diane
    Does the 2nd hole-n-one come easier ?

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    Welcome back to the frozen north. I just got back from BC (wet & cool) and Mexico (dry & hot). Only one game in though but optimistic about the coming year. See that le Sorcier is open Friday the 6th (according to the OG web site). Depending on my schedule I'd like to get out once or twice before going to MB on the 14th. Interesting to see how wet it will be.

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    Good to have you back! your story with the Herons reminded me of a couple of years ago my buddy Denny and I were playing Ocotillo golf resort in Chandler Arizona, There were these two ducks, a big white one and a female mallard. Don't ask why they were together but they acually followed us around the course for two full holes. I guess people feed them alot, but finally Denny chased them with his 9 iron, looking like an idiot but they did stop following us. They were some smart birds and the funny thing is they were well trained cause they never went on the green. They would just wait for us off to the side I actually felt bad that I didn't have anything to give them after all that work they did to mooch something from us. Other places the squirrels and black crackels would raid your cart everytime you left it. You couldn't leave anything open in the cart cause it was gone when you returned.

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    Welcome back Mac
    Proud member of the 2009 OG/TGN Ryder Cup Champions

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