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    Re: The Marty Tregnan Golf Academy

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    Golf Canada Rules Official L4 LobWedge is on a distinguished road LobWedge's Avatar
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    LMAO! Hahahahahahahahaha! Go Marty!
    When applying the Rules, you follow them line by line. You don't read between them.

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    That was somewhat disturbing,
    Proud Member BigJohnnys Ryder Cup Team '08
    All your base, are belong to us.

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    somewhat? I think I'll hang up my clubs after seeing that clip.


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    Now I know why I don't take lessons.......

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    right up Hoolio's ally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Perl View Post
    right up Hoolio's ally
    I have the same green underwear, mine have a picture of the Hulk on the back though. My girlfriend keeps telling me that I should throw them out because they were purchased for me when I was ten, but I think she's just jealous of how women look at me when I wear Youth Medium underwear to the bar.

    I know what you're thinking, and yes they do ride up, but there's no gain without a little pain.

    The above is a fictional dramatization of what might happen if I still lived my life in a Canadian Club induced haze. But it would be worth it.
    Let's put a Smile on that Face!

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