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    Ty Webb

    Broken Graphite Shaft

    I recently bought a used Callaway Steelhead 3 wood with a UST Pro Force 65 graphite shaft. I have been anxcious to use it and brought it to the range yesterday. My second swing snapped the shaft about an inch from the clubhead.

    Can anybody suggest why this would happen? Also, what would be a good replacement and who would you suggest to do this?



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    Sounds to me like just pure bad luck. The UST shaft is a very good shaft.

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    My suggestion is pretty straightforward. I would replace with a suitable SK Fibre graphite shaft and would get Natgolfer to replace it for you. You won't believe the improvement in accuracy and distance!

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    broken shaft

    Ty. Were you hitting from the turf or directly on the mat? Anyway if the shaft is less than a year old and the original owner still has the receipt you can get a brand new shaft for free.

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    I would recommend you take it to a certified clubmaker.
    SwingSync is the SK fibre Canadian distributor

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    Not visible to the naked eye, weaknesses do exist in graphite shafts. A little nick here, or a sharp edge breaking a few of the fibres there, will eventually lead to shaft failure. Occasionally, if the hosel is not coned properly, a shaft will break and this could be very dangerous.

    IMO SK Fiber shafts are by far the best mid price range replacement shafts, better than the over priced, over hyped, but poorer quality Proforces and Graffaloy's Pro-lites.

    Swing Sync will do this for you, but you will pay for it. SK Fiber shafts can be purchased by anyone from Golf Quip which is the Canadian distributor of Dynacraft products. Any competent club maker who can pull a broken shaft or drill out the hosel, can do this for you.

    Lastly, whatever shaft you get, particularly if you do NOT choose an SK Fiber, I would have spined and oriented along one of its stable planes. If it's an SK, then any orientation is good, because they are almost spineless.

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    Ty Webb
    Thanks. Do you know a reputable installer for such?


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