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    Strange but True

    I've GOT to tell you this one as told to me by the owner of one of the local golf courses.

    One day a self professed new golfer walks into the clubhouse and asks the price for a round of golf, and what tee times were available. Plus if possible, since it wasn't a busy day, if he could golf by himself.

    The staff, being ammenable, told him the next available single tee time is approx half hour away.

    He then asks how much for the small bucket of range balls by the door. After paying his $ for the tee time and the balls he wanders off from the clubhouse.

    Time passes.

    An hour later the owner at the clubhouse gets a call from a staff member about someone on the course holding up traffic.

    They found the fellow on the fourth tee and he was half way through his bucket of balls.

    True story by someone whom I trust.

    Can anyone out there beat that?? spidey, dustin, 4jag...Gary,Dan??
    (Remember TRUE stories)

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    Founder Kilroy is on a distinguished road Kilroy's Avatar
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    I can't even find words for this.

    My sides hurt. :multi

    But seriously, the poor fella needs some guidance. Someone point him to this board please!

    (still chuckling...)

    Have not stopped yet

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    RulesNut Gary Hill is on a distinguished road Gary Hill's Avatar
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    Noooooo. Keep him away from this board.

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    Shotmaker spidey is on a distinguished road spidey's Avatar
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    Arrow spare us....

    Stands to reason that he hadn't taken up the sport earlier.

    Perhaps he's the same guy who's wondering why they don't count his touchdowns during halftime......

    I think the club would have been ahead if they had given him a free lesson.


    btw.... I'm glad I've never gotten any closer to a story like this, I hope I never have a better one.. haha...

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    5 Iron Dustin is on a distinguished road
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    hahahahahahah, please warn me of funny things... i'm in school and everyone was staring at me.

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