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Thread: Removing chrome

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    Removing chrome

    Does anybody have experience with removing the chrome off their clubs? I just bought the J33 blades and was thinking of converting them to "raw" irons. Let me know if you have experience and what you used.


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    I am not sure if the coke bath works for chrome or not.. I know that you can remove a gunblue finish in a coke bath.. Could work for chrome?
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    Hydochloric acid.
    Dangerous,be sure to use respirator and gloves!
    Easier to go to a place that does Chrome plating,they can remove it for you cheap.
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    I sandblasted 3 old wedges I had laying around here. Chrome came off, grooves were the same. However they did not rust, likely do to the nickel.
    I agree with COV, get it done by a pro.
    Here is a link, some thoughts on what you want to do.

    Then there is this

    Ask the Expert Question-and-Answer Archive (Hard Chrome Plating)
    by Larry Zitko, ChromeTech, Inc.
    June, 2002
    Removing Chrome Plating
    Q. What is the easiest way to remove chrome or can you let me know where to purchase a chemical to do this with as my supplier stopped selling the stripper that I used. A. Sodium hydroxide at 8-12 oz/gal (w/v) works well for electrostripping chromium from carbon steel substrates. The bath can be operated at ambient temperature or higher, at a current density of 0.25 - 1.0 amp/ The fumes evolved are toxic and must be evacuated and scrubbed. The bath starts out as a simple solution of caustic soda but acquires an increasing component of a hexavalent chromium compound as the metallic chromium is electrostripped from the workpieces. The spent solution is hazardous waste and must be properly disposed.
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    A buddy of mine sandblasts chrome parts to prep them for re chrome. He is an Automotive Restoration Specialist. I was going to take a set over and blast them but never got around to it so I am not sure if it would work on club heads.

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