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    Question Direct Buy - anyone a member?

    I was supposed to go for an appointment tomorrow, but then they told me I'd be asked to buy my membership then and there. I told them there was no way I was going to fork over that much money without coming home to think about it. Mrs. Vantage and I are building a new home, so we're going to be buying a crap load of stuff, new appliances, kitchen cabinets, backyard stuff, EVERYTHING!

    Does anyone have a membership there? If so, what can you tell me about it? Is it like a cult or something? Worth the membership fee? What kind of selection do they have? Are the prices THAT good?

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    I have a friend who joined it , his wife is into interior decorating as a hobby/profession and he said that the price of the membership was worth it if you were intending to buy alot of stuff. He said they had a huge selection of items but it sounded like you needed a retail store or something like it to get the full benefit of the prices.He was shown around the warehouse before he was asked to join, so i guess there's no harm in looking?
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    I know someone who has a membership. Be prepared for a very high pressure sales pitch. I've not been to the Direct Buy sales but it sounds like the one I went to for time share vacation condo and I did not like it at all.
    How much you save depends on what you buy, the higher end models give more savings because they have higher margins. The prices are good when compared to retail but keep in mind the big/heavy items will also have higher shipping costs.
    Good luck.

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    Hi i'm a member at direct buy i paid over 2000$ to be a member plus theirs a annual fee of around 300$ but not sure the wife deals with that but i can get the right amount when you buy stuff its a bit cheaper you need to buy alot to get your moneys worth.

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    If you want my opinion don't go

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    We have been members for about 8 years now - with no regrets. The membership was about $3,000. Annual fees after, I think, three years are about $175.

    We have more than made up for the fees. We had purchased a new house and saved about 50% on window coverings, including a pair of shutters - Home Depot price was over $2,000. We got them for $1,100 installed.

    Furniture (high end - eg. leather, etc.) can be had for about 1/2 price - we have bought several Ashley pieces.

    Bought click hardwood flooring for less than half the Home Depot price.

    Taylor made driver was about $200 less than retail.

    Some things you don't save so much on, like electronics. Likewise, sometimes you can find good sales in local stores at similar prices. But remember, if the store matches the price, they are breaking even, so it won't likely happen that often, except for end-of-season/line items.

    If you want, for example, furniture of a quality like most available at the Brick, Direct Buy is not for you. If you are happy finding the deals in, say, Colonial's warehouse sale, and taking what is on the floor, Direct Buy is not likely for you.

    But if you want some nice stuff, you can save a bundle. You can buy a hot tub for half the price or a wide-screen plasma TV for great savings. But if you want a standard 27" TV, you won't see much savings.

    So, it depends on your shopping habits.

    Sorry if I rambled too much.

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