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    Question Pinnacle Golf Balls ?!?

    Has anyone played a Pinnacle lately? On a recent trip, I found a Pinnacle Power-Core and an Exception while searching for my ball in the woods. As punishment, I decided to play them until I could hit a bloody fairway. I was shocked - they were actually pretty good - much better than the rock-hard, pocket-rocket balls that I remembered. Anyone had a similar experience with these balls? It could just be my buttery soft Apex Plus irons making a rock ball feel pretty decent.

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    The Exceptions especially are nice balls, quite soft. You can get great deals on these from Knet, I think they had a special on a few months ago for $8/dzn mint. I don't like the Golds though.

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    The Golds are rocks. They are long (longer than a Pro V), but useless around the greens. On the flip side the lack of spin keeps some errant shots in play a bit more! I actually used one on Friday at Le Diable in Tremblant in the rain and did well as I was hitting GIRs gallore and the greens were soft. But when I had to chip, it was ugly. Have not tried the others.

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    I normally play Pro V's but decided to try out a Pinnacle Exception this past week in PEI. I played three rounds with one ball and i must say i was really impressed with it. Incredibly durable, looooong off the tee and a good amount of spin around the greens. Overall i think this is going to be my official backup ball from now on!

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    I have been playing the Exception for a year and I have no intention of switching. Less expensive, softer, longer, and more durable than the Strata Tour Ultimates I used to play
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    I am a "Pinnacle" girl all the way although I don't prefer the women's balls they just don't fly as far. Haha am surprised at the amount of pinnacle player's in here so far. I have gotten some awsome deals from ebay on pinnacle's my last score was 80 pinnacle's for $5.00 then $15.00 shipping, but still a very good deal and all the balls were in excellent shape!!

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    Any of you play the Exceptions and the new TopFlite D2? Any comments as to which is longer, softer and better around the greens?

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    I've played the Pinnacle Exception for the last 2 years. I like them.
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