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    What's in Your Wife's Bag?

    That sounds a lil' dodgy, although in a nonsensical way.

    We all know that buying one set of clubs for ourselves is not enough, indeed many on this board would surely surprise their insurance adjuster were the unthinkable to happen, so I have no doubt that many of you have taken the time to carefully and critically select equipment for your wife who is most likely only marginally interested in your passion. If you have no wife please select a girlfriend, friend, in-law, parent etc., who you've had to buy for since, obviously, you're the resident expert in your circle of trust. All leftovers or a sweet set-up?

    So what is in your wife's bag?
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    I know Saints wife has some sweet sticks.. My wife has a set of those Wilson Hope clubs..
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    As in "she hopes to hit the ball with them". And I wouldn't doubt The Saint's wife has a bag of clubs that would make most guys here jealous.
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    The real Northern Ontario.
    I set up my wife's bag this winter - she has never golfed and still hasn't.

    Leftovers = my Hippo stand bag and Hippo putter.

    Ebay Treasue Hunting:
    Power Play hybrid irons 3 - SW in ladies flex and length (basically the same as my irons but hers are steel shafts - paid $25 plus shipping)
    Cobra SS 13.5 * 350 cc driver, Cobra SS 3 and 5 woods, Cobra SZ 7 wood
    (the 7 wood was new and cost me about $30 while the other 3 were in pristine condition and all cost me less than $25, in fact the 5 wood cost me $8.50.)
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    My wife has a Cobra 355 SZ driver, Jazz Rally 5 and 7 woods, Jazz Rally irons 4-SW, Nancy Lopez 60* lob wedge and an Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball putter, all in a Taylormade stand bag.

    I've been trying to convince her to get some ladies 06 Big Berthas .

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    I don't have a wife but I bought one of my really good friends a ton of golf stuff so she would go golfing with me.

    Got her a sick paid of golf shoes
    got her a really nice bag by sun mountain
    for her a putter (taylormade monza)

    she doesn't haev any other clubs and I'm not buying them for her

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