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    Wedge Purchase Advise

    HI all,

    I have always traditionally used the PW that was in my golf bag but this year I am thinking for shopping for a SW and LW. Currently I have limited knowledge and experience with wedges but I am pretty sure I can improve my game by adding SW,LW. Currently I have a set of Big Bertha 04's and was looking at purchasing the SW and LW to go with the set however BB04 wedges are quit different in shape etc. than the various wedges available. Does anyone have some advise to help me base a decision on what to look for?

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    i don't think it's necessary to match your irons with your wedges. except for full swing shots, wedge swings are very different from iron swings so having consistency between the way your irons and wedges match is not a big thing.

    wedges do come in many different forms, so you're gonna have to do a little research. not only do they differ in regards to loft, but they also differ in regards to "bounce". how much or how little bounce really depends on how you want your wedge to perform for you. ie. more bounce = less chance of the edge getting dug in behind the ball, but it also means it might be harder to hit off a tight lie.

    currently the most popular wedges are clevelands, taylor mades and titleists...

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    There are a lot of factors when decided what type of wedges to buy. One of the major factors to consider is where you play golf the most. If you are play a course with really trimmed fairways and will use these wedges for a lot of approach shots than you may want to consider wedges with low bounce. ie 4* of bounce.

    I have a 60 wedge that has a low degree of bouce so I can make clean contact from 80 yards or so when I am on the fairway. The low bounce also allows me to manipulate the loft of the club so i can make a flop shot. With a high bounce it will be very tricky to do this.

    This is not to say you should avoid a high bounce club. My 56* wedge on the other hand has 14* of bounce. I use this club to blast sand shots (in soft sand), when I am sitting upright in the deep rough and also when the weather is wet. It is a lot harder to pick the ball clean with a low bounce wedge than a high bounce wedge.

    If you search around the forum I have asked this very question. Davevandyk was quoted as saying he uses a high bounce in the beginning of the season when it is wet and switches to his 'gamer' loft when it dries out.

    Check out this site as well.

    So my advice would be to hedge your clubs and get a SW with high bounce and LW with low bounce. IMO

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    All I can say is that after adding a SW and a LW last year to my bag they will NOT be going you many more options around the green.
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