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    Sand Wedge kevmcm is on a distinguished road
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    Thread Removed

    Why was my thread removed about golf money games?

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    NFL Guru fundonny is on a distinguished road fundonny's Avatar
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    It's still there. Maybe you need to visit Hakim Optical. Dan probably just moved it to the appropriate place.
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    In the Zone 4jag is on a distinguished road 4jag's Avatar
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    moved under classified section

    He moved your thread under "other golf items" in the classified section, maybe he thinks you are doing this for profit. Are you?
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    Sand Wedge kevmcm is on a distinguished road
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    not for profit

    the only profit is the wins I will rack up seriously, I like to play for money and alot of people are the same way, so lets get er goin

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    Moderator Big Johnny69 is on a distinguished road Big Johnny69's Avatar
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    I moved it to "Ottawa Arrange a Game". You are looking for people for rounds of golf, so it belongs there. You should've gotten an email notifying you, or that's what I think Dan said once.

    And btw 4jag, is your signature directed at a certain handful of individuals here....
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    Founder Kilroy is on a distinguished road Kilroy's Avatar
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    As long as you collect no signup or admin fees that's fine.

    With $100 per player per game on the line I'd hope there will be some rules officiating available to the players. It could easily stray far from a friendly game and get pretty ugly.

    Anyway, continue the discussion in the other thread.

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