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    Sand Wedge rob is on a distinguished road
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    Long drive champ needs 600 clubs per year

    There was an article on a professional long drive guy in a recent golf magazine (Golf Digest??).

    Anyway, the guy won the title twice. He uses more than 600 heads and shafts per year. Apparently, the heads either cave in, crack or explode. The shafts tend to break below the grip. Luckily, his sponsors give him all the equipment he needs.

    He uses a 3 or 6 degree loft driver and a tripple X stiff shaft. Typically, he'll hit a least 1,000 drives a day, 7 days a week! (I hope he has a golf ball sponsor too)

    His club speed is 150+ !!! His longest drive was 512 yards in a strong tail wind. I'm not sure how many "metric meters" that is for Canadians, but it is a pretty long poke by any measure!

    He said some of his longest drives were with persimmon wood drivers and the old (rubber-band wound?) balls. Apparently, persimmon does not work well with the solid plastic balls used in today's game.

    He believes the title will not be won again by any person who is not at least 6 feet 3 inches tall (2.5 meters???) and 260 pounds (2000 killograms???).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob
    He believes the title will not be won again by any person who is not at least 6 feet 3 inches tall (2.5 meters???) and 260 pounds (2000 killograms???).
    I don't know where you got your conversion table but those numbers are way off.
    6'3" = approx. 1.875 metres and 260 pounds = approx. 118 kg
    2000kg would be too big to be able to stand, that is heavier than most cars and trucks...

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    That was the article about Sean Fister. I read it as well. Quite impressive to hear him talk about his experiences. Have seen him hit at the LD championships on TV. Not too many people out there that can generate as much power as him. His end quote is the best, something along the lines of when he hits it on the screws he has yet to see anyone hit it farther then him. Great read.
    "A life lived in fear of the new and the untried is not a life lived to its fullest." M.Pare 10/09/08

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