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    New golfer epiphany

    I began golfing this summer and am loving the time spent concentrating, which clears my mind of everday chatter.
    My strategy for learning has been lessons (4), video (Ledbetter) and 2 to 3, 3 hour sessions per week at our pay-once-play-all-day practice range. The result: just as fall came to a close, I had a golf swing epiphany -----Older golfers (51), tend to practice in their comfort zone, making only small, ineffective changes to change habits such as an out-side swing, hence, training aids abound (which rarely if ever feature junior golfers).
    With this in mind I went to the range, got really loose and tried what felt like a greatly exaggerated wrist cock, inside swing path, and hip bump--wow. It changed everything. I started hitting a high percentage of on-line shots, and long shots where it felt like the ball mushed agaist the club face. Now, when I hit a slice or an off-line shot, I ask myself, "did the swing feel "normal?" If the answer is "yes," I know I've retured to my outside swing.
    It seems like a video that speaks to the feel of learning would go more directly to the challenge many golfers face.
    I look forward to reading your posts.

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    Welcome to the foum Biddle!
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    As a golfer with little or no natural ability towards the game, I've had those epiphany moments...only to have them disappear. The frustration is that one day (or one straight nine), I'll be smoothing everything. THe next week, cant hit a ball. The other frustration is the streaky-club: if my drivers working, my putters not, if my putters on, my irons dont work...etc.

    Fortunately, I've found that regular practice, relaxation, and feedback, combined with the realization that one shot does not infuence the next, have helped my game.

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    Playing this crazy game 47 yrs. and can't get enough. Play 4 to 5 different difficult courses each week. 6 handicap, like new technology,like other golfers, not retired or close at 55. my father stopped playing at 92 (got rid of his slice and distance all at once...go figure), hope to play until 92 myself. What else can I say but, YES I DO LIKE GOLF,


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