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Thread: Grip Cleaning

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    Lightbulb Grip Cleaning

    Can anyone offer some advice on cleaning grips.
    What type of cleaner should be used? How often grips should be cleaned?

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    I find that warm water and a mild detergent (e.g., light dish soap)does a great job. Just make sure to give them a rub down with a dry non-linting towel so they don't become slippery (I find they get slippery if you just let them air dry).

    Happy cleaning.

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    I sock the grips in water for 30 minutes (no soap or detergent of any kind) and then clean all dust off by brusing with a nylon brush. I pat them dry with a clean towel and let them dry completely.

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    From Golf Magazine

    This is a note I have read in other golf publications and on the board here. I read it, again, in the Golf Magazine June 2002:

    "To restore tackiness, wipe grips with a wash cloth, dish soap and warm water. Rinse well and towel dry. This will also slow glove deterioration."

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