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    514_type r

    swing setter swing trainer by david leadbetter

    I have a swing setter, by david leadbetter for sale, ive used it for about 10 times, watch the dvd only once. It come with the complete package as seen on tv. Its the right handed with the medium grip.

    paid 149+ tx at GT 3 weeks ago, still sell on ebay used for 100$ us

    id like 100$

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    Any feedback to offer on this product?


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    514_type r
    its by far the best swing trainer ive had, the magnetic balls really promote the perfect release on the ball and the correct wrist hinge on the backswing. It helps you with you plane and tempo If you have difficulty with distance, this will help you. the dvd also have a free leason with leadbetter that explain you everything you can do with the swing trainer. Leadbetter also give you different exercise and training method to improve while using the swing setter.

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