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Thread: LIV golf

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    LIV golf

    Now that Jon Rahm is rumored to be joining I was wondering if anybody here watches LIV broadcasts. I personally don't watch because I don't think it is actual competition, just a bunch of guys playing golf, plus it turns out that I don't miss any LIV golfers when I watch a tournament.

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    3 Wood Jasonreg is on a distinguished road
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    Not here. I think your last statement is bang on - just don't miss watching any of the players. Could also be that Golf Channel does not seem to carry LIV - nor do I think it ever will.

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    Many wonderful and great players on LIV but they are not playing for the sake of winning anymore. It's all about the $$$ and they all think they deserve it just because they are at one time top 10 in the world. No, golf is like any sport, it's about competition and if they don't have to compete to win what is the attraction for the viewers. But to be fair, the PGA is not really catering to any players <50 in the world. Most of their top tournaments beside the Majors next year are top 50 only.

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