I had a chance to test the EZ Tee Hybrid turf. I got a hitting strip from Sean at Synthetic turf in Ontario. He is awesome and very knowledgeable. The turf is excellent. It has a thick pile on a thin nylon backing. Itís about 1 3/8 thick. It has the perfect amount of softness and grab. It is not hard on the joints. The turf looks like it will maintain well over time as it is well built. It does take a tee but I prefer using winter tees. It also is also great to putt from. It is very similar to the Bullseye soft strike hitting mat which is one of my favourite mats.

I do think it is a good idea to change mats every now and then and get a different feel. Letís face it even your home course will have a different turf feel as the season goes from soft to firm depending on the date. I for one will be rotating these turfs every few weeks to adjust to a new turf. I do think this is a very nice mat and will be in my rotation of hitting strips.