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    Whygolf Bunker mate

    I saw this video by Scott Hogan who is an awesome golf professional and gives great honest reviews.


    Indoor golf is great but there are several things such as weather and ground conditions that keep it from being very realistic. Ground conditions such as sand bunkers, rough and divots can completely change the game. As such I am always in pursuit of "trouble mats" as I do think it adds to the realism of indoor golf. I know software will penalize you in these areas by reducing spin and speed but what about getting in some fescue and having that crap shut your face causing a snap hook? Doesn't happen with the clean indoor lie that we always have. Same with hitting a fat or skulled bunker shot.

    I decided to get the Whygolf bunker mate and I am very impressed. It's a nice mat that has a fluffy carpet/sand like feel. Let's face it it will never be sand but I agree with Scott in that it has a great feel and makes you hit a bunker like shot. The mat is 24" X 15" and is not that thick. It has a nice rubber backing. I basically place it over the area I am hitting and choke up slightly with my club. I have used it a few months and although it is shedding a bit on the sides, it's quite durable. It is good practice and makes you feel like your hitting a real bunker shot.

    The fur on the mat is white. Initially I thought it would be a problem for photometric units but it works totally fine with the GC3 and Eye Mini. It also works great with the Mevo plus and MLM2Pro. I love using this mat when I go into fairway or greenside bunkers and I am very happy with the results I get. Let me know your thoughts.


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    Thank you for posting

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