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    Bullseye Enclosure and Impact Screen

    We are renovating the basement and sim area so I thought it was time to upgrade my enclosure and screen. I have had several enclosure and screens over the years. I decided to go with the Bullseye DIY Enclosure and screen and so far I must say I am very impressed.

    They have studio packages but I went with the DIY custom enclosure. The whole unit comes in 2 boxes and includes the corners for the EMT pipes. I went with the 8 X 12 setup. Also included is the top and side material (which is very sturdy), impact screen, foam padding, bungees and black boarders. The setup time with 2 people was roughly 1-2 hours and very easy. To be honest the longest time needed was getting the pipes and cutting them to my specs. I just picked them up at Home Depot. This package is very user friendly. They also have an excellent video of the setup on their site making it extremely easy for those that are a bit nervous on DIY.

    The screen is high quality. It has all the properties that I look for in an impact screen including quality image appearance, minimal bounce back and quiet on impact. We will see about longevity and durability, but judging by the feel of this screen it should last a very long time. The screen comes with grommets all around that allow for easy attachment to the frame with the bungees supplied. You may have to remove some bungees to get the best feel on impact bounce back. Adding netting or black material behind the screen is optional but not yet needed in my setup. The unit will also be used for home theatre as well as gaming with the kids.

    The side and top protection fits like a glove. It is connected to the frame by high grade velcro. They also provide foam netting for the metal posts to help prevent any major bounce back. Finally the boarders surround the grommets of the screen attached by velcro.

    So far the unit is working great and I am quite impressed. The image is exceptional, it's quiet and has very little bounce back. The cost of the unit is well worth it given what you get and how clean it looks. The ordering process and customer support has been exceptional so far. I will update you in a few months.


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