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    Flightscope X2 launch monitor

    For the serious golfer or fitter, priced to sell, low ballers will be ridiculed. Included are the user manuals and sofware disk, the flightscope and power cable.

    The FlightScope X2 target market was teaching professionals, tour players, club fitters and retail stores. The X2 would also be suited to home use in a suitable environment and could be used in conjunction with the FlightScope PC software, Apple and Android applications. The X2 could also be used as a golf simulator.

    Uses and Benefit
    The FlightScope X2 was the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar. It provided 27 unique measurements of club, ball and swing data. It was considered the industry leader because the X2 surpassed the competition in all aspects ranging from design to manufacture to worldwide support. Verified with ultra-high speed camera, the X2 provided unmatched accuracy.

    The FlightScope X2 tracked the club movement in 3D, for both indoors and outdoors. Not only did the FlightScope X2 measure club head speed at impact, it also measured the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone, allowing it to also measure the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal.

    Real Time trajectory tracking
    Club and ball speed, Carry distance and Total distance
    Table of detailed measured parameters
    Driver Optimizer
    Club information, Angle of attack, Horizontal Swing plane, Face angle, Club path.
    Backspin and spin Axis
    Video comparison
    Pressure mat data
    The FlightScope X2 comprised of a battery powered sensor unit with USB and WiFi data interfaces to a PC and mobile devices. The X2's software was able to run on Windows, iOS and Android systems.

    Great price of $4500, selling on Ebay for $4500US!!!
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